Quick and Easy Stain Removal

This page is a reproduction of the content on Ohio State University. We’d like to thank them to allow us to reproduce this on our blog for educational purposes. Please note that we are not in anyway associated with OSU. Table of Contents Clothing Care and Fiber Content Labels Fabrics Labeled “Dry-clean Only” A Note […]

The Ultimate Laundry Guide

Laundry Tips & Hacks (The Ultimate Laundry Guide)

It’s no secret that doing laundry is a very important life skill. Unfortunately, most of us don’t like it, in fact a lot don’t even know how to do it. I’ve known people who hate doing laundry so much so that they go and buy new clothes. Here’s the deal: as much as laundry is […]

Why Use Laundromats

Why Should You Use Laundromat

A quick go-to of working moms and travelers alike, laundromats have proven to be one of the best ways to save time and energy from doing a week’s worth of laundry. However, not everybody considers signing up for laundry services. For one, visiting a laundromat seems to be an expensive way to tidy up a […]

How To Fold Clothes (Infographic)

Whenever you open your closet, do you like what you see? Or better yet, do you see what you want to see? If you need to rummage through your closet to find one piece of garment, you may need to seriously consider taking your folding skills up a notch. Folding clothes isn’t rocket science. However, […]

Laundry Symbols Explained

Have you ever wondered what do those symbols on the care labels on your garment mean? These are actually laundry symbols that are meant to give you advice on how to wash and iron them. Being able to understand these symbols is very important, as it help to avoid any wear and tear of the […]