How To Fold Clothes (Infographic)

Whenever you open your closet, do you like what you see? Or better yet, do you see what you want to see?

If you need to rummage through your closet to find one piece of garment, you may need to seriously consider taking your folding skills up a notch.

Folding clothes isn’t rocket science. However, not all of us exactly know how to neatly fold our clothes and optimize our closet space. Learning how to properly fold and stack clothes can save you from stress and frustration in the long run.

With the help of this infographic, organizing a closet doesn’t have to be a lost art.

From folding trousers, hoodies and overalls to completely optimizing your drawers, this infographic shows you expert folding principles and life hacks that can help you save more room for your future shopping adventures.

How To Fold Clothes To Save Space

Image Source: Home Advisor

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