Top Tips For Washing Clothes At A Laundromat

Are you someone who makes regular trips to laundromats?

Someone who avoids washing clothes at home and prefers the convenience of a laundry or a laundromat?

Then this post is for you.

Below I share some tips you can use on your next trip to a laundromat. Please note that these tips are in addition to the tips I have shared on the home page i.e. laundromat locator page. So make sure to have a look at them too.

So lets get started, here are 6 awesome tips for you.

Tips For Washing Clothes At Laundromat

Visit the Laundromat at Off-Peak Hours: Always plan your visit to the laundromat. If you have the luxury to visit the nearest laundromat to your location in the middle of the day, do so. Being able to use 3 or 4 washers and driers all at once is a real time-saver. Just imagine: you can cut your waiting time by more than half.

However, don’t get out of bed at 1 or 2 am just to make sure you’d get all the washers to yourself. While this might save time, this is extremely dangerous especially if you are living in a remote area. Also, if you want to avoid the flock of people who do their laundry during peak hours, avoid visiting a laundromat after office hours or on the weekends.

Sort Clothes Before Going to a Laundromat: Our goal here is to shorten your waiting time. Again, the earlier you finish your laundry, the better. Instead of sorting your clothes when you’re already in the laundromat, organize your clothes before you leave the house.

Wipe Before You Wash: Unless you are using your own washer and dryer, you have every right to take all the necessary precautions you can when you are washing your own clothes.

While you may not be able to acquire any malignant disease from not wiping the washer before use, you can’t really tell whether it last washed garments soaked with vomit or infectious wastes or not. And yes, overlooking cleanliness when you are using a public washer is not worth the risk.

Try Vinegar: Vinegar is one of the most useful multi-purpose liquid that you can keep at home. Aside from being useful in the kitchen, vinegar also has multiple applications in the laundry room, mainly because of its mild acidic nature. You can use vinegar to brighten clothes, remove tough stains, to kill bad smell from clothes and a lot lot more. You can read more uses of vinegar in laundry here.

Smell the Washer Before Use: It may seem odd at first, but smelling the washer can save you from faded shirts and acid-washed jeans. Bleaching agents, as most people know, can cause unwanted discolorations. If the washer smells like bleach, avoid washing dark-colored clothes in it.

Bring A Basket: Bringing a basket is more convenient than piling your newly-laundered clothes in a bag. By the use of a basket, you can quickly fold your laundry and pile them up in a neat manner without worrying about wrinkling your clothes. Plus, if you have hang-up clothing, you can easily pile it over to your basket.

These were some useful tips for your next laundromat visit. I hope you liked them and will find them extremely useful. And don't forget to share your comments below.

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